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Dental Implant Awareness Month

Every September, the dental community celebrates that this month is Dental Implant Awareness Month! We celebrate this month to raise awareness of the various health benefits that dental implants can have on your smile and health!

There are many advantages of dental implants as opposed to bridges or dentures! The following are some of the great benefits of getting dental implants:

With dental implants, you are less likely to experience gum irritation or inflammation that is often associated with wearing dentures.

There is no need for denture adhesives with dental implants. For the most part, dental implants require the same oral hygiene and cleaning habits that you would require for actual teeth, unless you have a removable overdenture, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

Since dental implants naturally fuse with your jawbone, they prevent bone loss and degradation, which naturally occurs with dentures since they do not stimulate the jawbone.

Dental implants do not negatively impact eating or speaking, provide a natural-looking smile, have a stable and comfortable fit, and are a long-lasting and proven solution!