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What Does a Foot Doctor Do?
A foot doctor is better known as a podiatrist, these physicians and/or surgeons provide treatment to the feet, ankle, and connecting mechanics of the leg. Podiatrists are like other types of medical physicians as they study for four years, but complete their training and podiatric medical school. Podiatrists are able to treat anyone of any age, they mainly trade a wide range of general conditions; however, some specialize in certain areas of medicine.
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What Causes Toenail Problems?

Toenail problems can happen in a number of ways, from toenail trauma to genetics, from taking certain medications to many other issues.

When to see a doctor for a toenail problem? If you start to notice any redness that doesn’t go away after a day, swelling that doesn’t go down with icing, pain that is constant and consistent, or any discoloration or unnatural-looking nail, it is best to go see a podiatrist about your toenail issue.

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